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On the Wing Evangelical Enterprises was established in 1984 to defend and promote the historic Christian faith. Now, that's an intriguing phrase: "the historic Christian faith." What exactly is that? It refers to the original teachings of the Christian Church up to about the time of Augustine. The “historic faith” also refers to the restoration of those early church teachings during the Reformation. This is the time of Luther, Calvin, and Zwingli in the early 1500's. It's not that the period inbetween was without merit, or that the period following had no redeeming qualities. It's a matter of orthodoxy, a clear statement of the truths of Scripture.

Christianity has gradually become marginalized in the public square, and for a number of reasons. But primarily it is because the nature of man has stayed the same. Christian truth, as the world sees it, has failed to effect any change in mankind. By contrast, new technologies have succeeded in visibly transforming the material world. 

Therefore, in the battle for the mind, Christianity appears irrelevant. It is unable to compete with Science and Technology for the hearts and minds of a consumer society. If orthodoxy is truth, and Christian truth has failed, then it is assumed that orthodoxy must be passé. Indeed, orthodoxy in creed and confession is now considered an outright impediment to church growth. And so it has been largely abandoned by the evangelical community. I don't believe Christianity has failed at all, or that Christian truth is passé, or that orthodoxy is the problem. Quite the opposite. When orthodoxy is abandoned, the church becomes marginalized and ineffectual; its influence wanes; and the gospel is corrupted. Without a genuine, offending gospel proclamation, the church is just one voice among a cacophony of voices, peddling its wares and promoting its lifestyle, earth-bound instead of heaven-bent.

This website is my contribution to the discussion of the role of Christian orthodoxy in church and public debate. I hope you are challenged by the information you find here.

William H. Gross

“I count myself one of the number of those who
as they learn and learn as they write.” - Augustine Epistle 7