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The Canon and Authority of Scripture

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The suffix "logy" can mean the study of something. Geology is the study of rocks. But the suffix comes from the Greek word "logos," which actually means "teachings." So when it comes to the bible, we're talking about what the  bible teaches about something. Theology is what the bible teaches about Theos, or God. Anthropology is what it teaches about Anthropos, or mankind. Bibliology is what the bible teaches about itself - what it is, where it comes from, and why it matters. The Bible claims that it is the Word of God: "Thus saith the Lord." That's why we say Bibliology is about the canon and authority of Scripture. We're asking which writings comprise the Bible, who wrote it, and what influence it ought to have over us.

If you want help studying the Bible, go to the Studying page. If you want to know what the bible teaches about a particular topic, go to the Creeds or Confessions page. To explore a particular topic or book, go to the Bible Studies page. If you want to know how the canon of Scripture developed over time, go the Church History page.

This page is about the Bible itself, not what it teaches about other things.

The Bible - Source documents, translations, etc.

MacArthur - The Sufficiency of Scripture

Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy 1978
Chicago Statement on Biblical Hermeneutics 1982
Chicago Statement on Biblical Application 1986