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This page is devoted to articles and links concerning Islam. As a religion, it is contrasted with Christianity. As a government, it is contrasted with democracy. As an economy, it is contrasted with free enterprise. If coercion is the mark of a cult, and if Islam is coercive, then as a cult, Islam would have to be contrasted with religious freedom. It is an issue of fact whether Islam's belief system is maintained by coercion, rather than by example and persuasion. A number of Islamic nations are known to use intimidation, brutality, violence, and outright murder to enforce their internal rule. But is that politics, culture, or the religion itself? Can these be divorced from one another in an Islamic nation? Is "Separation of Mosque and State" even possible? 

Many Islamic fundamentalists advocate the proactive killing of all infidels (non-Muslims), not just killing in self-defense against invading armies. That means they promote and condone attacks against non-Islamic civilians. That type of unwarranted aggression against non-combatants is called terrorism. Many believe that terrorism is not a necessary component of Islam. Others believe it is. So does the message itself drive this terrorism? Or does it depend on the interpreters of the message?

Either way, we need to inform ourselves about those who would use violence. Out of love and concern for those who may be enslaved by vicious cults using Islam as their justification, we need to hear Islam's message clearly, understand its practices, and refute those assertions and practices which contradict the truth of God recorded in the Bible.

The Life and Times of the Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob - Wm. Thompson (1912) 600k  epub - An eye-opening view of Palestine, circa 1912, as it relates to understanding the Book of Genesis, and the culture of the Middle East. Not much has changed in nearly four millennia.

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