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Here you will find links to other websites. They are broken down topically. There are a number of Reformed websites listed. They have a range of beliefs. Some are radically conservative, while others are more ecumenical in their doctrine. Either way, you will discover a treasure-trove of information at each site. I've also included a number of links to sites that do not subscribe to reformed doctrine. We need to know what non-believers, liberals, and others are saying.

Princeton Theological Seminary (PTS) has created an online library entitled "Theological Commons." It has 120,000 digital texts of historical significance. You'll find a link below under Reformed Sites, though not all materials are doctrinally reformed. Princeton's liberal reputation post-1920 makes many of their own publications theologically suspect. Nonetheless, it is an invaluable and much-appreciated library for research.

Reformed Sites

Desiring God - John Piper    Reformation Ink Puritan's Mind (McMahon) 
Ctr for Reformed Theol. The Gospel Defense Reformed Reader
The Highway - Calvinism Modern Reformation Theocentric (Vincent)
Banner of Truth Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals (ACE) Monergism (great resource) 
Sovereign Grace Ministries David H. Linden   or David H. Linden

Christian Study Library Reformation Theology Spurgeon Archives
Mountain Retreat Ligonier (Sproul) Grace Online Library 
Alpha & Omega (James White) Hope Chapel Colo Spgs Digital Puritan
Theological Commons (PTS)
GLH Publishing (Reformed Classics)
Christian Classics (modernized)

 Bible Software and Texts

Online Bible The NET Bible/The NeXt Bible (GREAT resource!)  e-Sword The WEB bible

Bible Study

Basics of Biblical Greek 
 Search God's Word  Study Light
Vincent's NT Word Studies  Commentaries
Bible Atlas Online
Spirit and Truth Resources The Theology Program Covenant Seminary - Resources
Basics of Biblical Interpretation  Bible History Glossary of Religious Terms

Sunday School Resources

Kid's Sunday School (with links)

Classics and History

CCEL - Christian Classics Ethereal Library Schaff's History of the Church

Christian Living

Got Questions
Billy Graham
Christian Answers Officers' Christian Fellowship Persecution ICC 
Voice of the Martyrs Christian Persecution  

Catholic Encyclopedia (Caution: Roman Catholic theology, but excellent scholarship)



Atheism and Agnost.


Christian Apologetics (CARM)
Hank Hanegraff (CRI) Reasons to Believe
Stand to Reason  Witnesses for Jesus CoffeeCup Apologetics
Acton Institute (Religion & Liberty) Reaching Catholics Science & Faith
Answers in Genesis
Biblical Science - Jason Lisle
Reasonable Faith
Design Institute (Intelligent Design)
Contra Theistic Evolution (video)

 Art and Writing

 Interesting Blogs

None but the One Pilgrim's Blogress PyroManiacs

Other Learning Sites
The Khan Academy - Reformation
The Khan Academy - Math, Humanities, Etc.