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One of the most widely read and quoted writers of the early 20th century is an Arminian devotionalist named A.W. Tozer. He is quoted regularly even among Reformed theologians. That's because what Tozer has done is to bring some balance back into a predominantly frontal-cortex theology. Do we know and experience God only by his word through our intellect? Or is there a spiritual domain in which God speaks to our intellect through his Word, but also directly to our spirit by that same Word? Because of the trends in the postmodern church towards monastic and mystical practices which are taking on a Roman Catholic flavor, I thought it would be challenging to read Tozer's work, and consider it in light of Reformed theology. Perhaps we can glean the pearls of wisdom (and there are many) without discarding sound doctrine. To that end, I've included three of his primary works, and then a series of articles that challenge the underlying theology of those works. Every student of Scripture should relish the opportunity to weigh the content of any man's speech against the content of God's Word: may we all grow in Grace and Truth.

Objections to some of Tozer's theology by layman Tom Riggle: