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I'm a baby-boomer. After graduating high school, I attended university -- twice -- once before the Vietnam war, and then again after returning home from the military. I married, majored in Political Science, worked full time, had a child, and somehow managed to graduate with honors. I then attended law school for nearly 3 years before realizing it was not my calling, as any of my law professors would attest. I became a computer tech instead. We had a second child, just before I came to Christ.

I have been a trainer for Evangelism Explosion, and profited greatly from the Navigators 2:7 course. I was a deacon in the PCA and trained for eldership. I have taught children, youth, and Adult Sunday School for over 20 years. I helped build a church from dirt floors to a finished building. But I never went to seminary. When asked, I say tongue-in-cheek that I'd rather keep my faith. The truth is, I had neither the time, the money, nor the inclination to apply myself to the rigors of seminary. But I admire those who do.

I began to search for a more ecumenical and celebratory approach to church life. So I left the PCA to join an evangelical mega-church, what is called a "seeker" church. I found what I was looking for there, but I also missed something very precious: a firm orthodoxy. Many years ago, the Evangelical movement shelved a number of historic doctrines. Creeds and confessions were set aside. The intent was to become attractive to more people, and less offensive to other churches within the movement. That led to some questionable teachings, because there was no orthodoxy by which to judge them. Consequently, many evangelicals are now returning to the reformed standards of the church. Many have joined the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. For more information, I recommend Michael Horton's book, Beyond Culture Wars

I am now retired, with grandkids, and serve as an elder-pastor at a small reformed church. It maintains a tension between that passionate and celebratory love for Christ I was looking for, and a firm orthodoxy to undergird and drive it. I am making use of  whatever gifts God has given me to uphold the faith of my fathers, and to teach sound doctrine. I'm sure God would be pleased if I could do that gently, and in love...

I'm trying, Lord.

William H. Gross