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The dictionary defines a cult as a group of people bound together by their devotion to an individual or a set of ideals. That could apply to Christianity. It applies to any corporation with a dynamic president and a mission statement. It would apply to the White House Staff and political parties. Any personal development program is designed to change the way a person thinks and behaves, otherwise there would be no development. That does not mean it is brain-washing, or a cult. It is education and discipleship unless it is done by coercion; and that can be physical, psychological, or financial coercion. They promote an "us vs. them" mentality which results in isolated and closely-supervised members. That's why Islamic Jihad is a cult. The challenge of Islam is so pervasive that it has its own page on this website.


Christians are a community of like-minded people, called by God's grace, and compelled only by his Spirit. But that's not true of a cult. The articles on this page explain the difference between true Christianity and cults, both in their teachings and in their discipleship environments. Pay close attention. Some religious groups are not cults, but they are not Christian either.