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The presence of a document on this website does not mean that its contents are either advocated or “orthodox” according to your local church body. In fact, a number of documents conflict with each other in their point of view; they may even attack another point of view. They have been included to give you a feel for the “robust dialogue” that is current in Christian theological circles. Christian theology, and rules of interpretation, are no longer static. That’s not a good thing in my opinion, but it is a fact of life. You should understand, as part of your growth, that there are competing schools of theology and interpretation. That must not lead to disunity in the body over matters of indifference (those are called adiaphora). But there are also differences concerning the essentials of the faith, and those are typically critiqued according to the standards of the reformed faith (WCF, LBC).


The goal  of this website is to fairly present opposing or middle of the road views, to show how they compare with each other, and with  reformation doctrine. Understanding the basis of opposing views, should lead to better communication, better fellowship, sharper doctrine, unity in the Body, and glory to God. But more often it leads to temper tantrums and unkindnesses, when forebearance is forborne.


Articles written or modified by me have my name on them. Others should have the author’s name and source. If not, I apologize.


The goal of this website is not to indoctrinate you (well, yeah it is), but moreso, to equip you to study the Word of God for yourself, directly and personally. Beyond that, it is to encourage you to diligently apply its principles to the way you live. It is designed to give you a certain level of independent thought, a confidence in your walk, and an appreciation for the historical roots of church theology and practice. It will expose you to a broad range of topics and opinions, as any liberal education should.