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This is a catch-all page for articles addressing various topics from a Christian perspective. Keep in mind that not all Christians think alike, nor do we draw the same conclusions from the same facts. The purpose for these articles, as with all the materials on this website, is to stimulate thoughtful discussion. As you should have read in the Disclaimer, these articles may or may not be my personal views (unless my name is on them), and may or may not be the views of your local church body. Always check with a spiritual counselor before changing any doctrinal stance. Your spiritual counselor is normally an ordained minister, pastor or elder. He must give an account for you before the Judgment Throne.

I apologize for the overlap that exists between the articles found under the various sub-topics. The lines between them blur when we focus on our behavior and our response to the world around us. All of these contribute to the content of our Apologetic. Science and education address what we are taught by the world, philosophy concerns our analysis of it, ethics determines our response to it, and politics addresses the formal mechanisms that exist to regulate it. When we talk to the world, we must talk to it in its own language, and speak to it from its own point of reference, not from ours. So we educate ourselves in the ways of the world without being influenced by those ways. Life is complicated...