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Doctrine is nothing more than a set of teachings about a particular topic. Confessions and Creeds tend to be conclusive doctrinal statements, rather than rigorous examinations of competing points of view. But the categories listed on this page are tied to other pages where you'll find some lively, even contentious debates that occupy so much of our time -- but not without purpose. We cannot accept someone's characterization of biblical truth without challenging, questioning, and comparing what has been said to Scripture itself. And that must be done by employing the full range of interpretive and diagnostic tools at our disposal (the disciplines of Apologetics and  Polemics). Keep in mind that sound doctrine must lead to sound practice (Mat 7.24-27; 28.18-20)

Why Study Theology? - Shane Rosenthal

The Gospel - What must we do to be saved?
Bibliology - The Canon and Authority of Scripture
Anthropology - The nature and condition of man
Theology - The nature and attributes of God

  • Pateriology - The person and work of the Father
  • Christology - The person and work of Jesus Christ
  • Pneumatology - The person and work of the Holy Spirit

Soteriology - Redemption through the blood of Christ (scope and effects of the cross)
Ecclesiology - Doctrines concerning the church
Eschatology - Doctrines concerning last things

Dogmatics - Systematic (topical) theologies
Discipleship - "Imitate me as I imitate Christ." (1Cor 11.1; 2Tim 2.2)