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Systematic Theologies - Systematic theology is essentially a topical study in which all the portions of Scripture bearing on particular topics or doctrinal truths are organized and brought together in a cohesive and coherent whole. Gerhard Vos does a nice job of distinguishing and correlating systematic theology (dogmatics) with bibilical theology. Systematic theology establishes the overall framework of biblical doctrine within which we may interpret and understand individual passages of Scripture. Without systematic theology we cannot effectively assert the inerrancy of Scripture, because we would not be comparing Scripture with Scripture in seeking the whole counsel of God on the matter before us. Nonetheless, some view dogmatics as both restrictive and biased; they believe it leads to a distortion of Scripture. Others believe that systematic theology precludes distortions and inconsistencies. The page on Studying the Bible addresses that issue further.

I adapted and edited the Five Points article below on behalf of and under the guidance of A. Bernard Kuiper back in 1983. It was this series of sermons that confronted me with the truth of Scripture, and served as one means by which Pastor Kuiper led me to Christ. If there are any errors or misstatements in it, they are mine and not his.