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Stu Weber was a Green Beret in his younger days. God used him mightily even then. He's written a number of books, but two of the most memorable are Tender Warrior, and this one. This page contains my personal observations, chapter by chapter, from Four Pillars. The book would be an excellent addition to your Library, by the way.

Reasonable Service                            10 Life Coaching

Manhood                                           11 The Mentor Pillar

Four Pillars in Eden                             12 The Friendship Pillar

4 Camelot Revisited                               13 Friendship from Above

4a Mature Masculine Leadership            14a Woman Among the Pillars 1

5 Realm At Risk                                     14b Woman Among the Pillars 2

6 The King Pillar                                     14c Woman Among the Pillars 3

7 Shepherd-King

8 The Warrior Pillar

9 Warrior At Risk