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Probably one of the most influential books ever written on personal improvement is Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People. It is a perennial best-seller for salesmen and business leaders, and for anyone who needs to deal with people on a regular basis. Here are the highlights of his book, and some of my personal observations about what he has taught us.

 01 Don't Criticize  12 Settling Grievances  23 Criticize Indirectly
 02 Sincere Appreciation  13 Socratic Method  24 Humble Criticism
 03 Arouse a Desire  14 Competition  25 Giving Orders
 04 Making Friends  15 Habit is the Key  26 Saving Face
 05 First Impressions  16 Getting Cooperation  27 Sincere Appreciation
 06 Art of Name Calling  17 Walk a Mile  28 Fine Reputation
 07 Topic of Conversation  18 Sympathy  29 Encouragement
 08 Make People Like You  19 Appeal to Nobility  30 Bribery
 09 Do Not Argue  20 Dramatize Your Ideas  31 Giving Value
 10 Making Enemies  21 The Challenge  
 11 Taking the Blame  22 Compliment Before Critique