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Here you will find the creeds, confessions, catechisms, and history of the church. As much as we would like to return to the first century church with its simplicity, the church was planted as a seed, watered by the blood of the martyrs, and nurtured in God's vineyard. The mustard seed is now a large tree; the birds of the air have made nests in its branches (Matt. 13:32).


The creeds and confessions were developed in response to heresies. If nothing else, you should know these creeds and confessions for their historical value. But keep in mind that what was heresy yesterday, may be orthodoxy today. Itís a moving target and hereís why:


Heresy is whatever is not orthodoxy.

Orthodoxy is whatever the church currently declares to be sound doctrine.

Truth, on the other hand, is whatever the bible teaches.


We are always in pursuit of biblical truth.

May God be true, and all men liars (Rom. 3:4)

The Church History Page has a series of lessons on Church Discipline through the Ages. I wrote them nearly 20 years ago, ending at about 1700. It has been researched from works by Philip Schaff, Kenneth Scott Latourette, Jarislav Pelikan, and Jeremy Jackson, among others. I will be adding Modern Church History some day (1700-present).

Philip Schaff's landmark works are available in their entirety at CCEL. Look for Creeds of Christendom, and History of the Church. They are multi-volume works.

You should also peruse the Monergism website. It has an excellent selection of historical books and articles from the reformed perspective.