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All forms below are created in MS-Word doc format. You should be able to use them with a wide range of text editors. Pick the format you prefer, then click on the form name to download it.


Forms beginning with “09E” are designed for use on a computer. Save them to your local drive before trying to edit them. The others may be printed out for hand-written entry. There are descriptive footers in each document. Any non-electronic form may be printed single-sided (ss) or double-sided (ds). All forms therefore have two pages. Electronic forms are one or the other, as described below. The double-sided 5x8 electronic forms are marked for days 1-4, depending on the form, so you know which day is which as you make your entries. When you print them out, they will then align correctly front to back. Obviously they will need to be cut in half after printing.


Electronic forms are designed for use on a computer rather than printing it out for manual entry. Of course, you may print your completed pages, three-hole punch them, and place them in a binder. If you do this on regular basis, then should your hard drive die, you will still have your hard-copy. As I edit them, I name my journal forms by date beginning with the year, e.g. JF050215.doc


For those electronic forms having morning on top, evening on bottom, you may want to use 10-point Times Roman so you can type more. The size is intentionally designed to limit your space, thus forcing you to be brief.  Remember, this style of journaling is not for self-focused introspection, or contemplation of the cosmos. It for developing biblical fellowship.


Hand-written Journal Entry Forms


09Box     - Portrait, boxed and lined, 1/page, 8.5 x 11 (ss/ds)

09L         - Landscape, morning left, evening right, 1/page, 5 x 8 or 8.5 x 11  (ss/ds)

09P         - Portrait , morning on top, evening on bottom, 1/page (ss/ds) 


Electronic Journal Entry Forms


09EL258 - Landscape, morning left, evening right, 1/page,  5 x 8 (ds)

09EL411 - Landscape, morning top, evening bottom, 2/page,  8.5 x 11 (ss/ds)

09EL458 - Landscape, morning top, evening bottom, 2/page, 5 x 8 (ds)

09EL811 - Landscape, morning left, evening right, 1/page, 8.5x11 (ss/ds)


 Journal Index


09I         - This is a complete Journal Index with a “live” Table of Contents (click on the page number or description to go to that section). It has separate pages for each of the 10 tabs. Headers describe each section.