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These lessons are targeted for those who want to grow beyond their adolescence in Christ into a mature relationship with God. They give a reformed framework within which to understand the Bible. The course then grounds the student in the Christian Disciplines, and moves on to apologetics, polemics, and historical theology which you will find on other BootCamp pages. It is not for the faint of heart. Although such teaching used to be considered elementary, in today's culture, it's considered a challenge. So let's call it "seminary-lite." 

In 1997, Jim Tomberlin was pastoring Woodmen Valley Chapel in Colorado Springs. He gave a sermon on the Christian Disciplines, called "Anchoring." Click here for the highlights: Anchoring.

Christian BootCamp Lessons:


01-Foundation of the Christian Faith

02-The Nature of Covenant

03-The Adamic Covenant

04-The Covenant of Grace

05-The Redemptive Covenant

06-Covenant and Community

07-Christian Disciplines

08-Habits and Intent


10-How to Read the Bible

11-How to Outline the Bible

12-Our Corrupt Nature

12a - Federal Headship

13-Prayer - Attitudes and Purposes of Prayer

14-Fasting - Learning to Live in the Margins

15-Meditation - Wrestling with the Word of God

16-Evangelism - Outreach as Story-Telling